• When’s the check-in? How about the check-out?Arrow down

    3pm check-in.

    12pm check-out.

    If a Hub is available before 3pm, we’ll let you in before. (You’re welcome ;-))

  • Until what time can I check-in?Arrow down

    Any time. We offer 24-hour self-service check-in. It’s simple: scan your QR code or use the booking number on your confirmation email, receive your RFID bracelet and check-in to any available Hub. 

  • Can I sit up straight in my bed?Arrow down

    You can easily sit up straight on your Hub bed. It’s a lot bigger than you expect. (That’s what she said.)

  • Tell me more about the amenities in that Hub?Arrow down

    Our Hubs have Dutch power plugs and USB-plugs, but no international power plugs. There is WiFi in the Hub. There is air ventilation and air conditioning. The beds are made for you. You can change the lighting into millions of colors. Complete with Bluetooth music streaming.

  • Do you have towels? What else don't I have to bring?Arrow down

    We have it all here for you. Towels, soap, shampoo, hairdryers and, yes, we have an iron. Do you know we also have special CityHub kimono’s? Quite convenient to walk to the showers. Bring your own flip flops, though!

  • Cash or credit?Arrow down

    We take most viable credit and debit cards. Please note: we don’t take cash! No cash. (Did we mention: no cash?)

  • Top or bottom? Can I choose?Arrow down

    That’s indeed the ultimate question… Answer: whatever rocks your boat. Upon check-in, you get to choose whether you prefer to climb up or dive in?

  • How’s your bathroom?Arrow down

    Pretty luxurious. We keep the men and women seperate (unfortunately). Classic rain showers and some Marvin Gaye to sing along. We provide complimentary towels and hairdryers as well as soap and shampoo. It’s always super duper clean.

  • Do I give my luggage to the next traveller after check-out?Arrow down

    You could. But you can also leave your luggage (before check-in and after check-out) in one of the lockers. A high-five is payment enough.

  • Do you serve breakfast?Arrow down

    For just 10 euros, you can reserve breakfast with us from the New Rotterdams Cafe (NRC), our  neighbours in the street.

  • How is your food & drink policy?Arrow down

    Pretty relaxed. You can consume your own stuff at CityHub. We dare you to bring Durian fruit. Double dare you.

  • Are your hosts available on Sunday nights, too?Arrow down

    Yes, 24/7. Even when our mom is calling us.

  • I am an internet addict. Now what?Arrow down

    We have free WiFi everywhere. Even while roaming the streets. Ask for a T-Mobile mobile internet router that you can take along while exploring the city. (Addictions are superbly treated at the Jellinek clinic.)

  • Can I sleep in late?Arrow down

    You mean you won’t help us open the curtains? Fine. But our double-plus most-definite final check-out is at 1pm.

  • Do you serve dinner?Arrow down

    Afraid not. There CityHub does have a lovely hang-out that serves drinks. And a gazillion restaurants are around the corner. Yes, we said gazillion.

  • What do I do with my car?Arrow down

    Well, we don’t have any parking spaces, but you can park . Remember: be careful about parking around the corner. You can park in the street, but it’s quite expensive. Check out a more convenient parking place here

  • How do I get there?Arrow down

    We know you know about Google Maps, however, we prepared a page for you to find your way from the airport, train station or Park+Ride. It’s here.

  • I have really, really expensive jewelry. Is there a safe?Arrow down

    There is no safe inside the room, but we do have lockers in the hangout. 

  • Let’s talk about money & payment. What say you?Arrow down

    Yes, turning serious for a moment: You can pay with VISA and MasterCard. We don’t accept cash, cheques, bank transfers or those rare, valuable golden coins your uncle dug up. Your Credit Card will be charged the day before your arrival. Your spendings at the hotel will be charged to the same account.

  • I am scared and don’t want to come anymore. Can I cancel?Arrow down

    You can cancel or change your reservation up until 15:00hrs on the day of your arrival. After that, we charge the first night when you cancel. If you arrive a day or more later, please give us a head’s up. If you don’t show up the first day without letting us know, we will charge you for the first night AND cancel the reservation. Sorry about that, but we need to make a living, too.

  • I am traveling with my colleague and/or an Amish person. We don’t want to spoon.Arrow down

    We don’t have twin beds. If it helps, you can ask your CityHost for separate blankets. Or just book two Hubs.

  • How many languages do you guys speak?Arrow down


  • Can I come with kids?Arrow down

    We love kids, we really do.

    Unfortunately, though, our shared facilities are not suitable for babies or really young children below 4 years. Teenagers below 16 need to be accompanied by an adult, or officially authorized by parent/guardian.

    Note that one Hub fits 2 people max. That includes children people.

  • You’re so funny.Arrow down

    One does try. Sorry about the “That’s what she said” joke.