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Conscious travel


Using business as a force for good

We’re proud to have been a Certified B Corporation since May 2024. Achieving this status means we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. And we’re dedicated to upholding these standards long-term.


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Redefining the hotel room

Our compact and energy efficient Hubs, made from recyclable materials, breathe new life into unused space by repurposing vacant buildings – cutting down both the emissions and community disruption associated with the construction of a new building.

Our innovative concept enables us to achieve a radical carbon footprint reduction of 89% per guest, compared to the European average.

Our impact areas

Communal living

A sharing lifestyle

Sharing is nothing new. But a communal living approach is one of the best ways to reduce tourism’s carbon footprint. The Hangout (our reception, bar and lounge area in-one) and our shared bathrooms allow for a diminished usage of resources per traveller, making each stay less impactful. For the carbon footprint per room per night, our hotels belong to the lowest category in 2023.


Sharing with those in need

Together with local charities,  Homies Foundation  and  Room for change, we make use of the availability of Hubs off-season by providing temporary accommodation to people experiencing homelessness.

-> 303 nights of accommodation for economically homeless people in 2023.

The basics

A holistic approach

Sustainability might be hip right now. But real solutions take a 360 degree approach. From researching and assessing new projects in new cities to our everyday operations like laundry, housekeeping, water-saving and waste management, we strive to do better every step of the way.


Inclusive travel experience

We’re thrilled to partner with in their mission to make the travel industry more inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. As a certified member of the #TravelProud programme, we strive to deliver an outstanding experience to all our guests and ensure that they feel safe and welcome at every CityHub location.

Join us in our mission to create more liveable cities

Think like a local

A conscious way to explore

We work to reduce the negative impact of tourism as much as we can and we invite our travellers to do the same. It all starts with respecting our host city and communities with small initiatives that make a big difference long-term. So hop on one of our bikes and check out our favourite local businesses via the CityHub App.