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Our vision

Global expansion

We are disruptors in the hotel sector – offering travellers the privacy and comfort of a hotel and the sense of community and affordability of a hostel right in the heart of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Our vision for the future is to create a global network of smart lifestyle hotels for the curious and tech-savvy urban nomads of today and tomorrow.

Worldwide Hospitality Award 2016: Best Innovation in Hotel Concept

Current CityHub portfolio

CityHub Amsterdam

-> Open since 2015

-> 50 Hubs

-> 9.0

CityHub Rotterdam

-> Open since 2018

-> 126 Hubs

-> 8.7

CityHub Copenhagen

-> Open since 2020

-> 210 Hubs and 5 rooms

-> 9.0

A unique value proposition

CityHub is a visionary brand that offers a uniquely lucrative opportunity to invest in compared to our standard hotel competitors. We pioneer innovation-focused smart design and a cost-efficient model with a community-led lifestyle approach that adds substantial value to real estate projects.

Beyond expectations

Our innovative business model enables us to install three times the number of rooms in a space compared to a standard hotel, whilst retaining a high-quality experience that consistently outperforms industry standards.

Unrivalled efficiency

In-house developed high-tech solutions enable us to fully automate operations and perform centralised quality and control checks. This means each location operates with minimal staff, without sacrificing personal attention, but shifting the focus to community-building and lifestyle purposes.

The future of sustainable urban development

By making the most efficient use of space, we radically reduce the CO2 emissions per traveller to about a third of the industry average. Our prefab plug-and-play concept allows us to breathe new life into buildings that are not usually considered fit for other hotel developments.

Hello, world.

We aim to create a European network of CityHub hotels to support our travellers' lifestyle.

Barcelona Berlin Brussels Dublin Edinburgh Hamburg Helsinki Lisbon London Madrid Munich Paris
Barcelona Berlin Brussels Dublin Edinburgh Hamburg Helsinki Lisbon London Madrid Munich Paris

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