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"You’re the yee to my haw ? + how cool is this hostel??? #finallyreunited #loveyou #kögkös #julmamaailmalla #cityhubrotterdam #interraileu"
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"E o tanto que não adoramos nossa experiência no quartinho cápsula? ? . #cityhub #cityhubrotterdam #rotterdam #netherlands"
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"жити в #cityhubrotterdam"
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"Chillin' in my capsule @cityhub ? ?"
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"С вами рубрика #whathappensinyourhub ?"
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"City Hub Rotterdam Had a great time staying in one of your futuristic capsuls! ."
Gallery 932
"*ceiling mirrors for the win* "
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"??? Would you sleep inside a capsule? In Holland you can do it! The @cityhub chain is located both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We stopped in the first city, and we were really surprised. I am a little claustrophobic, so I had some doubts when booking, but it really was very comfortable. We even had room for a pillow fight ? It has the comforts of a hotel: towels, robes, shower products and coffee/snacks machines at the reception. We choose it because of the price (€40 double capsule, cheap for Holland), but we would not hesitate to return ?? Particularly about Rotterdam, it is good to stay in the center, since it is great to walk around. The station is very easy to access and it is a beautiful city to walk it ?? ? The photo together, obviously, was not going to be very serious ###"
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"Cityhubbing at Rotterdam #rotterdam #cityhubrotterdam "
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"Rotterdam, du kannst was! ??."
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"Film's loaded. Rotterdam, smile !"
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"Souplesse et grâce ? Petit boudin avachi"
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"#throwback to a quick mirror selfie in the hub ✌️"
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"Our familiar place."
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"#CityHubRotterdam ??? Hotel, który wyglada jak statek kosmiczny wewnątrz"
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"Late #tbt for crazy friends! ?"
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"Bedtime yoga"
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"Take a second to think about how blessed your are. ?"
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"The neon cathedral"
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"Cozy ?"
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"Even weg met deze leukerd "
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"Funny rooms at #cityhubrotterdam"
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"Happy new year??✨ @cityhub"
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"#cityhubrotterdam "
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"Hangover??? #cityhubrotterdam"
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"With my love in this a-ma-zing experience in Netherlands ! ??We stayed in this futuristic capsule ?"
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"Let's talk"
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"Dreamy Hub"
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"Like they fell out of a catalogue innit? "
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"Роттердамское утро."
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"I'm missing the amazing brand experience in Rotterdam!"
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"Hometown heroes Big shouts to the SocanFoundaion They the real MVP’s"
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"I’ll miss you futuristic space pods ✨"
Gallery 891
"If you have watched my Instastories you may have noticed I had the chance to experience a stay at Cityhub Rotterdam. ? Some of you asked whether it felt claustrofobic. I expected it would feel like this but it didn't. ? So it's a very cheap way to experience Rotterdam."
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"This has been our little home for the past three days! "
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"Estas noches dormimos en una cápsula!! En plena calle "
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"CityHub Rotterdam is ready for you?"
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"Those three words are said too much, they’re not enough. "
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"Yesterday we celebrated the opening of our project CityHub!"
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"Rotterdam moments! It was a beautiful city, interesting buildings and wonderful people. Thank you so much for this few day staying at the @cityhub #cityhubrtm . Also, I just wanted to thank you to the lovely staff for helping to me. The kindest group ever. And also patient with us and helpful. I had a wonderful experience. "
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"Just chillin' ??."
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"Hello Rotterdam!"
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"Friday is openingday ??"
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"We are so proud of our friends at @cityhub , they have opened their second hotel, now in the Witte de Withstraat in #Rotterdam !"
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"With my love in this a-ma-zing experience in Netherlands ! ??We stayed in this futuristic capsule ?@cityhub ."
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"Studio Modijefsky Designs CityHub Rotterdam"
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"Here at City Hub they have the best hosts "
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"Cubicle sleeping with mood lighting."
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"Hey @rotterdam ;) #cityhubrtm #cityhubrotterdam"
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"Mesmerised hehe ? "