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Best Neighbourhood 24/7 CityHost Supersized Bed
"CityHub, is aimed at Generation Y travellers that are all about a digital lifestyle. They are connected 24/7 and are comfortable in a world filled with touch screens and quick service." CONTEMPORIST
"A place where the comfort of a hotel merges with the feeling of belonging to a community, not to mention the convenience of a hostel." Elle Decor
"CityHub looks to provide a more autonomous travel experience in Amsterdam, inspiring their guests to see more of the city than just its tourist spots" ROVE JOURNAL
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Stay in your own Hub with a huge bed. Recharge yourself. And your phone.
It's up to you. Do you want to climb in or dive in? @sleepinintheroses likes to be on top of things.
"Top marks all round for: Location, Design, Atmosphere & Customer Service."
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Spice it up a bit with the CityHub app
Socializing is nice, but even better after a hot shower. Our bathrooms are luxurious, clean and separate for men and women.
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Be your own bartender: magic wristbands open Hubs and tap beers for you.

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Our CityHosts will show you the hidden gems. That's a promise. Through our app, they'll be on your side. 24/7.

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