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Why is CityHub so awesome?

We love hostels because of their communal feel and hotels because of their privacy. At CityHub, we combined the two: more than enough ways to mingle AND your very own, private cabin. We call those cabins Hubs.

Each Hub has a giant, double bed, wifi, app-controlled lighting and a personal audio streaming system. Comfy, indeed.

There are fifty Hubs in our very own hall, located right next to Amsterdam’s De Hallen, one of the most hot and happening places in Amsterdam. And why did we put Cityhub here, you ask?

Because we want you to go out and discover the beauty of the city as much as you can. Not just the touristy spots, but genuine Amsterdam as it is happening right here, right now.

Behind a pretty modest exterior...

in Amsterdam's city centre

A check in is just 3 clicks away

24 hours a day, seven days a week

You'll find 50 fantastic Hubs...

equipped with the latest technology

Climate controlled and sound proof...

more spacious than you'd think

Cosy & Comfy...

rounded corners, fluffy pillows & lots of love.

Lighting to set your mood...

or to try and attract wall-e

Take a shower in our communal bathrooms...

you know, if you want, take two

Free towels and shampoo!

you'll feel right at home. (If your home is nice and clean ;-)

This is the CityHub Hangout...

chill as much as you like. Read a book. Make some friends

This is the CityHub bar.

Tap your own beer. Enough room for you and newfound friends

Seats, free lockers and an enormous Amsterdam map...

to finish it all off. Welcome to Cityhub!

CityHub is equipped with:

The best CityHub visit starts with our app

Explore the city like a local would

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Get realtime suggestions – wherever you are in Amsterdam


Meet your fellow travellers. Exchange suggestions and discoveries.


Control the lights, the alarm and the music in your Hub.

Meet our CityHosts. They'll be your BFF's.


Pieter loves to surf the dutch waves when its freezing. Try talking to him without looking up to him.


Sem lives in another dimension most of the time. But if he's here, he'll love to have a chat with you about this life.


Your expert when it comes to huge brunches, parties and everything that includes seafood and Bloody Mary's!


Colombian/Dutch art historian to be. Feel free to test her knowledge on museums and art exhibitions. (Or food and wine!)


This guy is in a serious love relationship with art, sports, the city of Amsterdam and hamburgers.


Talk to your Boy, he won't bite.


Video artist and your guide to the latest art shows and alternative bars/clubs.


One of the travelling breed. From Canada to Damsco. He'll stop talking when you let him.


Talk music and books with Sarah! All Night long...


Passionate trendwatcher and dancer who loves to have chats about the sense and nonsense in life.. Ask her for some hidden gems in Amsterdam.


Tim is your guide on all your nightly trips! He is also unbeaten on our mini pingpong table.