The More We Share
The More We Have


We are aware of the social and environmental impact of urban travelling and we see a sharing lifestyle as a solution for it. As a community of travellers, we reduce our impact by using the urban space efficiently, sharing facilities and resources. We create synergies with the local communities and set the example for a mindful way of travelling, guiding our travellers and opening our doors to aspirant ones. Because we want to keep travelling but do it better.

"Embracing a sharing lifestyle to reduce the impact of travelling."

Communal living

The sharing of facilities such as bathrooms, wellness spaces, hangout, kitchen and working area allows for a drastic reduction of the use of resources per traveller, while at the same time, making a high quality stay available at an affordable price. Communal living is  at the core of our concept: we believe that at CityHub, travellers can enjoy higher quality facilities, spaces and services than they normally would for the same budget, because they are shared. At the same time, communal spaces allow for a smarter and more efficient use of the urban space and a diminished usage of resources per traveller, making each stay less impactful. 

The way we work

From developing a new project and all the way to every-day operations like laundry, waste management and housekeeping, we make sure to do everything we can to stay true to our values. We expect all our suppliers and partners to do the same by complying with our Suppliers’ Code of Conduct, that provides clear guidelines on our environmental and social practices.


We commit to reducing our waste to the minimum. Waste is separated into glass, plastic, and paper. We have long since replaced the use of disposable plastic items (cutlery, plates, straws) with cardboard and wood. In addition, we are committed to reducing the use of packaging materials. For example, we use refillable packaging for our sanitary facilities (soap, shampoo, etc.) and there are no single-use toiletries.


At CityHub we choose only Fair Trade bed linen suppliers to  ensure fair payments to farmers and workers  involved in production of the linen. Our bed linen providers adhere to GOTS, which includes using environmentally friendly  resources and procedures. 


At CityHub we pay housekeepers per hour in accordance with Dutch/Danish regulations. We work with housekeeping companies that follow  the conventions of the International Labour Organization  (ILO) for fair and transparent employment contracts and conditions of employment for all employees:  maximum of 48 hours per week, a limited number of overtime hours, sufficient  breaks, holidays and sick leave, and the right to a living wage.

Building smart

One of our core principles is to enhance existing buildings in a smart and effective way instead of building anew. Thanks to the space efficient design of our Hubs we manage to repurpose vacant buildings for which there would be no other function. We breathe new life into unused spaces and enhance the existing urban space. In this way, we develop hotels with relatively low energy consumption and maximise the use of the limited free space in the city. Additionally, we make sure to use the most updated technologies in terms of energy-efficiency and to reduce waste to a minimum in the building process. For example, in case of need, our Hub can be disassembled and reassembled in a different location, making it fully recyclable.

We practice an energy  saving regimen in all our hotels, optimizing operations to save power. All hotels are isolated with double glass windows, as well as heat and sound insulation. In our newest hotel, CityHub Copenhagen, we even go a step further and have equipped the air treatment system with sensors and control valves that regulate the airflow on the basis of temperature and on occupancy.
Other energy saving systems include:

  • Energy efficient refrigeration
  • Use of LED lighting exclusively
  • PIR sensors to avoid lights being left on in unoccupied rooms or spaces being overly lit during nighttime hours
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Energy efficient vertical transportation systems
  • Energy efficient equipment, including IT and appliances
  • Connection to local energy networks 

Sharing with those in need

We believe in the importance of giving back to the  communities that host us and we are doing it by exploring ways in which to make sure that our space in the city doesn’t go unused.
For this reason, in 2020, CityHub Amsterdam provided temporary accommodation (>100 nights) to people in need. We are happy with the test and we are setting up partnerships with local foundations to  make a fixed number of nights available for people in need in all our 3 locations, depending on occupancy and seasonality.

Impact areas

Your own Hub Our revolutionary modular sleeping unit allows for extraordinary efficiency in the use of the scarce space in the city.
Communal living The sharing of facilities (bathrooms, kitchen, bar, working areas) allows for a drastic reduction of the use resources per traveller, while allowing a high quality stay at an affordable price.
Travel mindfully We use the existing infrastructure of the city, we are respectful towards their communities, identities and we guide travellers to do the same.
Sharing with those in need We share our available Hubs by providing accommodation to people in temporary need of support and students from abroad with difficulty entering the city.