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Our travel philosophy


The more we share, the more we have


Redefining the hotel room

Our compact and energy efficient Hubs, made from fully recyclable materials, breathe new life into unused space by repurposing vacant buildings – drastically reducing each traveller’s carbon footprint by an epic 65%.


Embracing a sharing lifestyle

Sharing is nothing new. But a communal living approach is one of the best ways to reduce tourism’s carbon footprint. The Hangout (our reception, bar and lounge area in-one) and our shared bathrooms make it possible to enjoy a high-quality experience at a more affordable rate.


A holistic approach

Sustainability might be sexy right now. But real solutions take a 360 degree approach. From researching and assessing new projects in new cities to our everyday operations like laundry, housekeeping, water-saving and waste management, we strive to do better every step of the way.

Join us in our mission to create more liveable cities


A conscious way to explore

We work to reduce the negative impact of tourism as much as we can. It all starts with respecting our host city and communities with small initiatives that make a big difference long-term. So refill your CityHub water bottle, hop on one of our bikes, and check out our favourite local businesses via the CityHub App.


Sharing with those in need

Together with local charities, Homies Foundation and GiveMe5, we make use of the availability of Hubs off-season by providing temporary accommodation to people experiencing homelessness.
Stat: 152 nights of accommodation for homeless people in 2021.

We’re always looking to improve our impact vision and evolve our sustainability mission. Find out more about our efforts here.